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     I am specialized in DAW'S such as Pro- tools, Studio one, Logic x, and FL Studio. I am also experienced in recording, mixing engineer, live productions, and artists management.  I have been working as an audio-visual tech, set up lightings, cameras, projectors, multi viewers and leprechauns. I also run recording studio & live equipment such as mixing boards. with set up and tear down, of equipment for studio and, Live Sound Production. I was employed at Trackset Recording Studio as a professional recording engineer, where I have worked with many artists local and professional, such as Papaduck, Plies, Ball Greezy, Snoop Dogg, Koly P, ETC. At Trackset Recording Studio.  I did recording, editing, mixing, mastering, promoting, and artist management. I have been working in the production of music professionally for over 15 years strong.

     I was educated and trained at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida from which, I graduated with a degree in Recording Arts, Music Production, & Show Production. Since graduating, I achieved the position of Master engineer, bye working with varies projects, such as being trained as a master engineer, movies, film scoring, & live sound.   As an Audio-Visual Technician, I set up, operate, maintain, and repair sound and video equipment for use in live events, such as concerts, sports games, business conventions, meetings, webinars, church events, and distance learning. They may also assist in the production of movies, TV programs, CDs, and DVDs. 

     As a professional Live Sound Engineer, I have worked jobs such as Broadway Musicals, running live sound for various bands ranging from pop, rock, r&b, rap, latin, bluegrass, to gospel music, with all these major show's back by Universal Music Group, professional music panels, disc jockey, kids' programs, parties, corporate meetings, & weddings. 




R&B singer from Inferno Music Group.

Sound Track: Nothing But Love


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