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Stage in Lights

Our Associates


Inferno Music Group/IMG Records

As the CEO of The Total Experience LLC, I am also served as the Vice President of Inferno Music Group/IMG Records. We manage and consult artists. Also we work with different producers, managers, and influencers for events and festivals. 

Florida Songwriters Association

We are the members of the Florida Songwriters Association. We meet quarterly with artists, producers, and board members to help artists with mechanical licensing We also help sync music with commercials and movies.  

So You Want Your Name In Lights.jpg

So You Want Your Name In Lights

We are working with the Non-profit Organization Called “So You Want Your Name In Lights” in the community to mentor youth in Orlando area. Every year, we also help with the Music Youth Summer Camps to give back to the community. 

Faith Works Drama Company

We contracted with Faith Works Drama Company to do live sounds for their musical and theater projects. 


Community United Methodist Church

We contracted with (CUMC) for live sound at their church services and events.

Universal Music Group

We are very happy to announce that, we are working with Universal Music Group on different projects. 

Universal Music Group
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